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Catalysts, Mercury(II) Sulfide, Making stained glass
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Mercury(II) sulphide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula HgS, which is commonly known as cinnabar. Mercury(II) sulphide is a red or orange crystal that is highly stable and durable. In nature it is found in minerals in larger crystalline forms.

Mercury(II) sulphide has numerous uses and effects. The following are a few of the common uses:

1. Pharmacological applications: Mercury(II) sulphide is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has the ability to cool the blood, detoxify, reduce swelling and relieve pain, and can be used to treat rheumatism, skin diseases, jaundice and other diseases.

2. Catalyst: Mercury(II) sulphide can be used as a photocatalyst, which has certain application value in photosynthesis and electron conduction.

3. Manufacture of coloured glass: Mercury(II) sulphide can be used to produce different coloured glass by controlling the size and shape of the crystals, and is therefore widely used in the manufacture of coloured glass.

4. Artificial jewellery: Mercury(II) sulphide is also used in the manufacture of artificial jewellery because of its beautiful appearance.

5. Chemical experiments: Mercury(II) sulphide is often used in chemical experiments, for example as a catalyst in organic synthesis reactions, as a probe in photoluminescence experiments, etc.

In summary, mercury(II) sulphide has important applications in the fields of medicine, chemistry and glassmaking, and is also an important material in scientific research. However, due to its high toxicity, it needs to be used with care and safety. 

CAS No.:                                           1344-48-5

Other Names:                                  Mercuric sulfide red

MF:                                                   HgS

Place of Origin:                                China

Purity:                                               99%

Model Number:                                1344-48-5

Applications                                     chemical

Appearance:                                     solid

Product name:                                  Mercury(II) Sulfide

CAS:                                                   1344-48-5

PSA:                                                32.09000

Boiling point:                                    584ºC

Melting point:                                  584ºC

Flash point:                                       N/A

Shelf life:                                           2 Years

Sample:                                             Available

Storage:                                            Cool Dry Place

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